Tools Homeopaths Use to Help Them Treat Their Patients

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As homeopaths, we strive to do our best to help our patients get better one way or another. It used to be that we would go at it alone, diagnosing and figuring out treatments all in our heads, or with our books, or with our many different notes.

We would talk to our patients and figure out all the issues that they were facing and then use our preliminary diagnoses to find what the best treatments for them would be in our libraries, files and yes, even in our own heads. But this was during a time when technology wasn’t there yet to help us in our quest to bring people to better health. (more…)

Homeopathy Courses Available in the UK

In the UK, CHE Homeopathy is one of the largest homeopathy schools in the country. It specialises in both classical and practical homeopathy and is the premier institution for homeopathy studies in the country.

CHE Homeopathy was founded as a way for students to learn about holistic homeopathy in a safe, open environment where teachers and students can engage in meaningful discourse. Since CHE is the most popular homeopathy school available in the UK, their courses are very extensive, though short courses are available for those who are interested in learning more about it. Here are the different kinds of courses currently available:


Beginner’s Course
For anyone who is new to homeopathy, CHE Homeopathy offers a beginner’s course for those who are interested in learning more about it. While this will not make you a licensed practitioner, it can certainly give you the foundations for becoming one.


You will learn about how to provide homeopathic first aid and how to cure a wide range of the most common of illnesses.

The beginner’s course is extremely short, and is held over a weekend in the form of lectures. This is a great option for those who are just curious about homeopathy and are not ready to commit to full time study of the course.


Foundation Course
The foundation course for homeopathy is for more serious students who want to learn more about the practice, but without having to commit to a four year course to become a practitioner.

The foundation course lasts for one year, and you will be taught various techniques for analysing sicknesses and diagnosing the correct medicine on a case to case basis.


BSC Homeopathy Degree (Full Time and Part Time)
The Bachelor of Science Homeopathy degree is a four year course for those who want to become practitioners in the medicinal art. There are both full time and part time programmes available for those who want to be full time students, and those who have other work to do. Generally, adults of all ages can apply for a homeopathy degree as long as they make the cut.


The great thing about the courses is that they are very hands-on. Along with lectures, most of your classes will be held at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. CHE Homeopathy wants you to have all of the experience and expertise to become a skilled and trustworthy healer.


BSC Direct Entry Top-Up
If you are already a registered homoepathic practitioner, CHE also offers BSC direct entry top up courses. This refresher course is perfect for getting all of the latest information about homeopathy and expand their knowledge and expertise.


Practitioner Licentiate Course
For a more hands-on approach that is less academic, you can choose the practitioner licentiate course, which allows you to become a better healer. This is a practical course for those who want to be in the field of healing. Currently, the course comes in part time course that runs over four years, and a full time course that lasts three years.